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Dray Gardener, A Baskin Advocate

Dray Gardner

If you thought Dr. Strange was just a fictional character, think again.


Dray Gardener is a superhero in his own right. Having healed himself after a life-threatening car crash through the power of yoga and meditation, Dray uses his journey as a beacon of resilience, discipline, balance, and hope.


Today, Dray is one of the most coveted yoga instructors on the West Coast. His "No take two" mentality and unconventional approach have earned him partnerships with globally-recognized brands like Nike, EDC, Lululemon, and more.


Despite his prestige, Dray remains loyal to his Las Vegas community. As a resident for over 30 years, he's laid his roots and continue to flourish, having built a city-wide support network. Though he's most well-known for his expertise in yoga, Dray is also a prolific advocate for cannabis reform and use plant medicine as an extension of his practice.


Dray's journey is best symbolized by the ouroboros, the serpent eating his tail - a constant cycle of destruction and rebirth. Through his experiences, Dray has been able to master the art of renewal, and today shares that knowledge with his mat-to-mat filled classes

Trail Blazer


Pulling from his experiences in California, Dray's straight-to-the-point verbiage is one that resonates with many. That, couple with his desire to provide truly unique experiences for his students, led him to create Silent Savasana.


What started as a 20 people class in the middle of a park grew, at its largest, to 870 attendees. However, due to the pandemic, Dray had to the sell the company - once again proving his prowess for rebuilding. 


But no matter what path he ventures on, his message remains the same: self-love.


"The most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves. If it's subpar at best, everything else will be subpar," said Gardner. "If you don't take time for your health, at some point, you'll be forced to take time for your illness and disease."


Before yoga, Dray used another method of medicine, cannabis. Today, he still regularly uses it as a way to improve focus, reduce pain and inflammation, and help recover from his seizures.


"I've done more healing with plants than any other pharmaceutical in my life," said Garner.

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